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Leading the Way for AFRICA in Second Life!

Uthango establishes itself in the virtual world and is part of the next wave of internet revolution!
[ By WilberForce Rau on 5 July, 2007 ]

Uthango is the first South African not-for-profit company to open its virtual offices in Second Life, with its 7 million 'residents' worldwide. From here, we will publish our social magazine and address digital divide, by exploring the value of social networking. We are also actively pursuing the creation of a gateway for Africans to access this wonderful educational and social 3D-world. One of the main objectives of this bold step, is to create a dynamic platform for interaction between developments experts and practitioners around the world - in order to contribute to solutions for complex problems.

Tish Shute (a respected expert on digital divide) says in a recent article, "Uthango is serious about access for all. They will be working in parallel at establishing internet hubs in communities. And, they are seeking partnerships with mobile telecoms on mobile applications for Virtual Africa, and to develop links between mobile space and Second Life". Read more on UgoTrade, a reputable blog on digital divide.

We have a strong presence in Second Life already, and all our supporters are invited to visit us in-world...

Find us at the following SLurl: Uthango in Second Life,

USI in SecondLife

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