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Virtual Africa Day comes one month early!

Adding more Africa to the virtual mix...
[ By WilberForce Rau on 22 April, 2008 ]

On 24 April, Uthango launches the long-awaited simulated environment in Second Life (R) in the form of 'Virtual Africa' - to be used for global collaboration and dialogue. The development was undertaken by a team from Komm-Passion Interactive (previously In-world Productions) led by Volker Gehrmann in close collaboration with Alanagh Recreant, Uthango beneficiaries and volunteers.

Goodwill of SL'ers prevailed throughout this project, with professionals such as Aayia Jun, Cybergrrl Oh, Tamsin Barzane, Naija Avro, Michaelangelo1 Nyle and Eshi Otawara (to mention a few) contributing their time and expertise to make a shared dream, a virtual reality. The members of the SLerendipity group supported us on a weekly basis to carry the vision forward.

On the same day (Thursday 24 April), Uthango also introduces Africa Day to the community of Second Life. Although a month earlier than the actual Africa Day, we plan to set the stage in this way for better and bigger initiatives. Uthango invites other organisations and companies seeking a presence in virtual worlds to contact us! Join us inworld for the celebrations....

Virtual Africa Snapshot

Also spend a moment and Read More about 'Africa Day' as we know it:

"Fourth-five years ago a group of visionary African leaders came together in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to form a vehicle that was to work for the total liberation of our continent.

This gathering was prompted by the independence of Ghana in March 1957 under one of Africa’s visionary leaders Kwame Nkrumah, followed by the liberation of Guinea Conakry in 1958. By 1960 more than two-thirds of African countries had attained their independence prompting British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to remark about the winds of change that were sweeping across the entire continent..

However Nkrumah and other African leaders were concerned that countries under Portuguese and apartheid South African rule were occupied by intransigent white minority regimes. The late President Nkrumah remarked that: “Ghana’s independence is meaningless unless it is linked to the total liberation of Africa”. In 1958, Nkrumah invited all liberation movements and independent African countries to discuss a strategy to fight colonialism and imperialism in Africa.

That is why on the 25th of May 1963, inspired by a common determination to promote understanding among African peoples and co-operation among its States, and in response to the aspirations of Africans for brotherhood and solidarity, the Organisation of African Unity, or the OAU, was formed".

(South African, Mpumalanga Premier Thabang Makwetla)

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