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Volunteers across the world join Uthango...

Second Life (R) creates a recruitment platform for volunteers...
[ By Dorette Steenkamp on 14 June, 2008 ]

As technology enables NGOs like ours - more and more each passing month - to connect globally, Uthango is constantly being approached internationally by excellent volunteers. Indeed, we seek to engage with individuals that offer their time and expertise, but in a meaningful mutually-beneficial way. We are not really open to ad hoc short-term volunteer work, that could actually disrupt sustainable intervention programmes and holds no real value for neither the company nor the well-meaning volunteer.

One of the platforms that is particularly useful to link up with like-minded professionals are Second Life and here we have been blessed by the enthusiasm and assistance of some of the best in their fields.

Featured underneath are the volunteers and professionals Brianna Beresford, Aayia Jun and Bukari Siebert (using SL names) meeting with Enakai Ultsch and Alanagh Recreant (of Uthango) to demo the vendors of Hippo-Technologies to sell virtual bicycles as an experiment in fund raising in virtual worlds:

Volunteers discuss Vendor
We would like to invite you to apply to be part of our innovative South African based-team, by completing the volunteer form generated here by the clever Wufoo application...

Our organisation is particularly interested to work closely with unemployed youth that have an interest in African development and a bit of internet resources and time. Most importantly, if you have a registered, reputable 'avatar' in Second Life (R) it will be a great benefit to us. Get in touch soon...

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