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Being a Social Work Intern at Uthango!

Sharing my experience of the past few months here in Cape Town, South Africa
[ By Branko van Broekhuizen on 30 July, 2008 ]

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” (Patanjali)

There are human beings, of which I am one, who believes that this is the truth for most people, especially for those who believes in this philosophy. And then there are human beings who seems to me to be the living prove of this philosophy. I hope that one day I am one of those persons, looking back on the past, realising I do not believe in the philosophy no more, because I know for sure that it is the truth; when a person got a great purpose, some extraordinary project, a dream to chase, chasing that dream will get this person the energy he or she needs to realize this dream. And what great purpose, extraordinary project inspires me? My dream is to let people believe in the philosophy of chasing dreams. And that’s why I feel home at Uthango; Erna and Dorette seems to me to be the living prove of this philosophy. They are helping other people to realize their dreams, and they are doing a great job! It feels really good to be part of that.

Branko and Ben at the Beach

(Branko is a social work student from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Here featured to the left, with Ben Kun).

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