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My few months as Intern in Cape Town

It has been a lot of fun to work with Uthango, but also extremely tough at times!
[ By Benjamin Kun on 30 July, 2008 ]

Branko and Ben at the Beach

It is NOT all surf and beach for a nonprofit company here in Cape Town. But I could fit in some surf at Muizenberg after work! Actually, I think its a huge challenge in South Africa to work in the field Uthango does. There is a lot of space for development in this country, for a lot of people there is a huge need of improvement in their daily life situation. I admire the power and will of Uthango of dealing with this and their way of reaching solutions. Go somewhere make an benefit, take care and leave in a way the project is not reliable anymore on others, but on its own. A lot of these aspects fit in good in my university program in Amsterdam, social and cultural entrepreneurial. Its an absolute chance to be a part of Uthango and learn where possible. (We assisted in Vrygrond at the local library this past school holiday):

Vrygrond Library

The experiences so far are good and at the same time frustrating. Good to be part of Uthango, this organisation with a huge ambition, power of will, and a really fresh and new way of approaching things. But at the same time a bit frustrating, cause I can see there are a lot of great projects going on, but because of political, personal and other things going on, on the side the project stays behind and the chance to actually start it stays behind. A missed chance! But experience that makes me realize I am in an other part of the world, things are going different here and gives me respect for the people who are dealing with this all the time in this country.

(Ben is a social work student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Instituut ISCB Opleiding Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming)

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