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Online Ambassadors and Digital Nomads

Uthango brings Innovative Advocacy to the third sector in South Africa with quality workshops for CSOs
[ By Dorette Steenkamp on 9 November, 2009 ]

On 10 November, it is the first of Uthango's vibrant annual workshops for civil society organisations. The Cape Town International Convention Centre is the venue for the first leg of #zaCSO in South Africa.

We will focus on advocacy with new media at the events - courtesy of our sponsor: Old Mutual South Africa.

Our feet take us where we are called. We leave footprints online. We could easily consider ourselves nomads in a digitial world. (Nomad: "A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land" as per We seek and gather resources and get on the business of development - believing we could make a lasting imprint.

The term 'digital nomad' is not unique, nor new, but it could certainly get a new meaning when civil society takes their causes online and make them known in a digitial format - becoming online ambassadors.

"Social media is about connecting people and providing the tools necessary to have a conversation. That global conversation is an extremely powerful platform for spreading information and awareness about social causes and issues". (Josh Catone)


Uthango has seen the value of online advocacy in its own projects and would like to share some lessons learned. However, there is much 'noise' online and it is crucial to add value and not 'pollution' with endless messages (leading to cause fatigue). What is an effective approach??

We launch the Twitter HASHTAG #zaCSO to encourage civil society to find each other on Twitter and share ideas and links. It is important for us to contribute in a practical way to an enabling online environment for civil society organisations to advocate and collaborate.

Therefore, Uthango brings the first of three thought-leaders and dynamic speakers to the sector - experts in the field of integrated communication strategies, with international campaigning experience: Dave Duarte, Karin Veltman and Jack Kruger

It is anticipated that a minimum of 75 civil society organisations and leaders in the sector will benefit from the experience of the facilitators. You can read more about the faciliators here.

The Uthango team hereby also invites global organisations and individuals involved in development or social justice to share the workshop space with us via Twitter - using #zaCSO

There are still a few slots open at the Durban (13 November) and Johannesburg (23 November) events. Get in touch with us at ASAP if your organisation would like to attend.

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