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Scaling Social Innovation #WEF

Panel Discussion of New Solutions at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2013
[ By Dorette Steenkamp on 11 May, 2013 ]

This past week we were privileged to be part of the discussions on economic growth and development in Africa at the WEF Africa gathering.

One of our Directors was a panelist and an intriguing conversation followed on how to scale social innovation. We have so many unique solutions to challenges in Africa, but it is often not shared widely to attract the necessary resources for scaling.

The key take-aways from our own session:

* Like any business, from day one, social enterprises should think about the process by which they will scale;

* Partnerships between social enterprises and public sector actors should be built on common interests;

* A critical challenge when scaling social enterprises is transmitting the culture, values and ideals that are at the core of the business.

Read More about the discussions, follow WEF Africa and find this great Infographic about the session itself on the WEF website:


We asked the question: How can social innovation in Africa be scaled up for greater impact?

And the answers are not simple, but in asking the question we make our intention clear - it should happen and we should find the ways to make it so.

“Human dignity needs only four things: food, health, education and transparency.” said Younes Slaoui of Attijariwafa Bank, Morocco in the session Facing Africa’s Future. Indeed, and once we find the ways to deliver these (to contribute to dignified lives) we have a responsibility to scale it further.

Thank you to photojournalist Lizane Louw for her amazing photos taken in Blikkiesdorp that we could use at WEF before, and again this year!


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