Our Current Initiatives

Our development approach for sustainable poverty alleviation is integrated and holistic. There is a strong emphasis on information poverty and increasing access to IT. We offer start-to-end solutions with extensive experience in the following: Community-based research and Engagement, local economic development, ICT access, infrastructure development and social development.

The following projects are the initiatives of our organisation in South Africa. We have the capacity to replicate programmes in any other region or country. We are enthusiastic to replicate successful initiatives, or initiate more projects that match our mission to increase prosperity for more Africans:

Eastern Cape Province

Northern Cape Province

Western Cape Province



Every institution is nothing more than a manifestation of that ancient idea, community. And if that is true, then the success of any organization has infinitely more to do with clarity of shared purpose and principles, and strength of belief in them, than it does with management practices or resources, important as they may be. Without the hearts and minds of people, all assets are just so much inert chemical and mineral material.
- Dee Hock, Founder of VISA International
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