Achievements & Some Success Stories

We have been through the grind of very tough lessons in development here in Africa. Uthango continues to achieve measurable success in spite of - or because of (!!) - difficult times. Development apathy, donor fatigue, the global economic crisis and above all, lack of political leadership impact directly on our vision. A shared passion for innovation and development motivates the team and we developed some key assets to overcome barriers. Our Directors venture beyond traditional approaches to implement new models of social investment and social enterprises. Consider reading our company profile under ABOUT US for more on our track-record.

Most of our success stories break new ground in development practices to ensure benefits in communities. We treasure our relationships with individual beneficiaries. People matter most in our company and in our projects. The stories of their lives, and their successes, we acknowledge and celebrate, as these have inspired us...

Aurelia farms with Wax Fruit & Vegs

Aurelia has been associated with support services of FEBDEV prior to entering the Uthango Enterprise Project. She moulds wax candles by hand and recently won second price in one of the categories of the Cape Craft and Design Institute's competition, celebrating the 10 years of Democracy of South Africa.

Aurelia's Wax Creations is the pride and joy of her life and her business grows steadily. She consistantly sustains herself and family members monthly with life-like fruit and vegetable candles.

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How soon will you realise that the only thing you don't have is the direct experience that there's nothing you need that you don't have?
- Ken Keyes
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