Achievements & Some Success Stories

We have been through the grind of very tough lessons in development here in Africa. Uthango continues to achieve measurable success in spite of - or because of (!!) - difficult times. Development apathy, donor fatigue, the global economic crisis and above all, lack of political leadership impact directly on our vision. A shared passion for innovation and development motivates the team and we developed some key assets to overcome barriers. Our Directors venture beyond traditional approaches to implement new models of social investment and social enterprises. Consider reading our company profile under ABOUT US for more on our track-record.

Most of our success stories break new ground in development practices to ensure benefits in communities. We treasure our relationships with individual beneficiaries. People matter most in our company and in our projects. The stories of their lives, and their successes, we acknowledge and celebrate, as these have inspired us...

Guguletu Skills Audit was a first-and-only-of-kind...

A collaboration between DANIDA (the Danish Development Aid) and College of Cape Town as part of the SESD programme, made it possible for Uthango to implement a massive first-of-kind skills audit of the Guguletu community.

The appointed Uthango fieldworkers (some featured in the picture at the Ikwezi Centre) completed surveys with 12 500 residents of Guguletu in an attempt to map the skills and barriers to economic entry of the community. This phase of the project was completed successfully with wonderful stories recorded from the community at grassroots level!

We captured the data manually in our Kommetjie offices. The team had much fun whilst trying to reach their individual targets.

The audit was part of a broader community profiling process, uniquely developed by USI as part of best practice in civil society engagement.

We are now in the process of sourcing financial partners to franchise the research model into a social enterprise.

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If you let failure bother you, youíll never succeed. Donít fear failure. Learn from it.
- John Peterman; J Peterman Co.
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